DEM8 – 8th International Conference on Discrete Element Methods


会议名称:DEM8 – 8th International Conference on Discrete Element Methods




具体地点:University of Twente

主办单位:University of Twente






We invite everyone to propose mini-symposia for the upcoming DEM8 conference. Just send an email to

Please refer to the mini-symposia page for some guidelines to follow.

The mini-symposium should be related to at least one of the following conference themes:

Theory: Algorithms

improvements and extensions to Event Driven (ED), Contact Dynamics (CD), Discrete Element Method (DEM), etc,

including high-performance algorithms, upscaling, micro-macro, coarse-graining, contact detection, non-spherical particlesTheory: Contact modelling

constitutive contact lawsTheory: Continuum methods

including upscale continuum methods and particle-based continuum solvers such as Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH), Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM), Finite-Discrete Element Method (FDEM)Theory: Discrete-continuum coupling

including discrete-discrete, particle-fluid (CFD-DEM), multiscale coupling


including DEM-related characterisation, calibration, and validationGeneral

including open-source codes, education and out-reachApplication: Fracture, breakage and failureApplication: Granular solids

including packing and jammingApplication: Granular flow

including avalanches, landslides and segregation/mobility Application: Granular gases

including vibrofluidised and segregating systemsApplication: Powder technology

including industrial applications, nano-granular materialsApplication: Geotechnical & geophysical

including civil, mining, marine and coastal engineering, geomaterialsApplication: Construction

including masonry structuresApplication: Conveying and bulk solid handling

including industrial applicationsApplication: Biomaterials

including life-science, soil-root/plant interactions, reactive powdersApplication: Particles and fluid

including suspensions, wet grains, wet granulation, spray drying, slurriesApplication: High tech

including additive manufacturing, nanotechnologyApplication: Extraterrestrial environments

including planetary science, microgravityNote, the listed subtopics are not meant to exclude other submissions. That is, “including” is short for “including but not limited to”.