2020 2nd International Conference on Geoscience and Environmental Chemistry (ICGEC 2020)


会议名称:2020 2nd International Conference on Geoscience and Environmental Chemistry (ICGEC 2020)





主办单位:Tianjin University of Science & Technology Geographical Society of Tianjin

协办单位:Tianjin Key Laboratory of Marine Resources and Chemistry Geological Society of Tianjin Environmental Sciences Society of Tianjin

承办单位:College of Marine and Environmental Sciences, Tianjin University of Science & Technology Tianjin Marine Environmental Protection and Restoration Technology Engineering Center




联系人:Ms. Mai





Global warming and melting of glaciers since the start of the 20th century have raised the sea level and led to geological problems like coastal erosion, saltwater encroachment and coastal flooding, which increasing attention from scientists and government authorities (IPCC, 2018).

About 71% of the earth surface is covered by oceans, and the bottom of oceans is a rich repository of mineral resources and bio-resources. By studying the ocean, we can find out the distribution and forming environment of the useful mineral in the modern seabed, and grasp the prospecting law of marine strata correctly. To understand the history of sea-land changes and the development of coastal zones, so as to correctly guarantee the construction of submarine, coastal and port projects, to find out the causes and rules of submarine earthquakes, to protect the marine environment, and prevent marine pollution and a series of needs.

Coastal alluvial lowlands are extremely sensitive to ecological environment evolution due to the interaction between rivers and oceans. They are also important sites for human activities since ancient times. Many industrial towns are located on coastal alluvial plains where rivers pass. It is of great significance for human life and economic construction activities in coastal plain to explore the changes and development trends of natural and man-made ecological environment including sea surface changes and shoreline changes.


第二届地球科学与环境化学国际学术论坛(ICGEC 2020)接收原创论文和未发表的论文。包括地球物理、地球化学、环境化学、地理、地质、水文、海洋、测量、地图学、大气科学、地球科学史。