Department of Geoscience,University of Calgary--卡尔加里大学地球科学系



  Formed in 1963, the Department of Geoscience is a vibrant cornerstone of the University of Calgary. Originally the Department of Geology, the addition of a geophysics program in the early 1980's saw our name change to the Department of Geology and Geophysics. Further growth of disciplines, particularly in hydrology and environmental geology has recently brought about another name change. As of July 1, 2007, the department is known as the Department of Geoscience.

  The Department is internationally and nationally recognized for its strengths in seismic geophysics, petroleum geology, hydrology, petrology and regional tectonics. Grants in aid of research total ~$5million per year, with a similar amount from the Province of Alberta operating grant. The Department is expanding and has instituted a Bachelor of Science/Geology with a concentration in Petroleum Geology and Master of Science in Reservoir Characterization program. Through 2006-07 an additional eight academic staff and two support staff have been hired to contribute to these programs.

  In 2006-07, about 380 undergraduates are registered in one of the Department's five B.Sc. programs - Geology, Geophysics, Applied &Environmental Geology, Earth Science and Environmental Science (Geology). There are also about 140 graduate students in M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs. Together these students represent ~ 15% of all geoscience students in Canada. Most find employment in our local energy industry, while others go on to careers in government research and academia.